30 April 2013

Romantic Natural Look with Caring Colours Beauty License For Professional (BLFP)

Hey, beauty ladies!

I come back with other make-up inspiration. Today's post is originally purposed for joining Caring Colours Blog Competition regarding their newest product as named above on title. So, here I am come with idea to make a romantic-natural look for a sweet date by using that product. 

Feel intrigued...? :D

First thing first, here is the product's view of "Hang Out" theme I bought:

Let us see what inside the trunk is:

25 April 2013

FOTD: Ulzzang-ie Look

 photo Snapshot_20130425_zps04837564.jpgUlzzang... Ulzzang... is become trending topic nowadays and I'm really intrigued what the Ulzzang is! And here is what I found out.

Ulzzang is originally come from Eoljjang word in Korean (얼짱) and means "good looking" or "best face". The term of Ulzzang is being used by netizens to vote for a contest, but now it has been developed into a subculture or style, despite of a contest event. And after some little research, I took a conclusion that Ulzzang look is most come-up with natural but emphasized at eyeliner usage. Isn't it? Please correct me if I wronged. 

Then today, before I went to office, I tried my simple and natural Ulzzang look as below:

18 April 2013

Pomegranate Mask by The Face Shop & Kakao Talk


Kemarin ini saya sempat iseng men-download Kakao Talk dan beberapa hari kemudian saya melihat akun The Face Shop di sana. Langsung saja saya add dan ternyata TFS memberikan salam penyambutan yang cukup 'wah'. TFS memberitahukan adanya kontes T.O.P Girl The Face Shop berhadiah Meet & Greet Kim Hyung Joon di Korea! T.O.P sendiri adalah kependekan dari Talented, Open Minded, and Passionate. Bagi para gadis yang berumur 14-24 tahun dan memenuhi kualifikasi, bisa langsung mendaftar melalui aplikasi yang disediakan dari Kakao Talk. Jika ada kesulitan dalam mengupload foto, bisa diketik portal URL-nya di browser komputer, lebih mudah mengupload foto di sana. Untuk informasi lebih jelasnya, bisa langsung mengunjungi fanpage The Face Shop atau toko TFS terdekat. Untuk peserta yang sudah mendaftar akan mendapatkan keistimewaan dengan membeli pake TOP Girl seharga Rp 100.000,- saja.

Selain informasi kontes, TFS juga memberikan FREE Gift kepada pengguna KTalk. Cukup menunjukkan informasi dari akun TFS yang berisi serial number dan tombol bahwa kupon sudah digunakan ke toko-toko TFS terdekat. Free gift bisa berupa masker atau produk miniatur TFS seperti toner dan pelembapnya. Kebetulan, tepat kemarin, saya menukarkan kupon tersebut ke outlet TFS di Mall of Indonesia (MOI) dan mendapatkan masker Pomegranate.

15 April 2013

IBB - Make Up Challenge April 2013: Bling It On!

Hi, beautiful ladies!

Today's post is about bling2 make-up. Actually, this is my first time join the Indonesian Beauty Blogger's make-up challenge, which always be held every month. For April's challenge themed: Bling It On!

Well, after several thought and imagination, I came up with this idea, put the bling sticker thorough my eyes. This what I look:

In detail look:

The idea was originally inspired by Yin-Yang shape and to make it balance in order to be a nice look. To attain this look, I used:


  • Caring Colour BB Cream Everlast
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One
  • Viva Cosmetic Eyebrow Pencil
  • Mirabella Eye Shadow Pallette #2 (mix of nude pink, nude green, soft pink, and purple)
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Black
  • Sariayu Duo Mascara & Eyeliner
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Bling sticker


  • Sariayu Rimba Sumatra: Blush On Toba
  • FS Lip Gloss Nude Pink

So, do you already have any make-up inspiration regarding this theme? Don't hesitate to apply your idea and join the competition! Grab the amazing prize in form of NYX product worth for IDR 500,000 for 2 winners. Visit Indonesian Beauty Blogger website for detail info. See ya in another chance!

 photo Signature_zpsdc42d1b3.png

10 April 2013

Simple French Manicure

This is my first time done a french manicure by myself. The motive is just because I lent the unused FM set from one of my office mate. The set is tickling me to polish them on my nails. My friend said that she actually doesn't really know how to use the tools and so, thanks to her who already gave me an idea to write this how-to.

Let's check it out!

08 April 2013

Giveaway: Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette by This Was Forever

I've just found about this give away from Catherine Widjaja's blog. She linked this giveaway in one of the page. When I looking through, I bumped to the blog named as title above. This Was Forever by Princess Emily. She, apparently, would like to make this item as a giveaway to celebrate her blog 3rd years anniversary. 

Do you want to try to grab this item too? See the detail here. The opportunity is open until 1st May 2013. Don't miss it, ladies! ^^

07 April 2013

Liebster Award!

Wow! This is really extra-ordinary. 

Saya belum lama memutuskan untuk menjadi beauty blogger dan baru saja memposting 4 tulisan mengenai kecantikan.. Tapi, kemarin saya dinominasikan untuk mendapatkan Liebster Award oleh:

Judith Ayes from In Make Up We Trust

Nomu nomu kamsahamnida to her!

Karena masih awam soal award ginian, saya pun baru saja mencari apa sih Liebster Award ini? Dan ternyata saya mendapatkan jawaban bahwa LA ini seperti award informal dalm duni blog, khusus dipersembahkan bagi blogger yang masih baru dan mempunyai pengikut kurang dari 200. Dan, LA ini juga memiliki aturan lho dalam menerima dan memberikan kepada yang blogger lain.

05 April 2013

Comparison BB Cream: Caring Colours Everlast vs Maybelline Clear Smooth Stick

Here we go! Today, I'd like to review in comparison between my BB cream I have. The challenge goes to:

  1. Caring Colours Blemles Balm Everlast
  2. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick
First, this is the appearance of Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick:

03 April 2013

A Simple Step To Clean Your Face

Cleaning face is a very important way to attain a fresh and smooth face. Prevent from any acne or blackhead emergence. Especially, for those who own oily skin, they have to washing face more often. But, sometime as a career woman, we don't have enough time to complete a bucket of cleansing ritual. Here, I'd like to share my way in cleaning face at a short time.


  • Wash face as usual when taking a bath, using appropriate soap as your skin type
  • Apply face toner to make sure our face is clean without soap residue
  • Put light make-up for a daily look
  • Right after we arrive home, clean-up your face from make-up first by using make-up remover
  • Cooling down before taking a bath and wash with face soap
  • Gently rub face toner after finish taking a bath
  • Apply your night treatment for your face
  • Scrub your face at least once a week to remove any left sebum that possible clogging your pores
  • Have a mask time to rejuvenate your skin. Use mask as your needs; if you have problem with acne, than use acne mask, oily mask for oily skin, and so on
  • It is best if you could have a facial time once a month. Beside for cleaning, facial  is good to renewing our skin
Happy trying!


02 April 2013

This is How The Brushes Are Made

Well, while I browsing and searching about make-up thingy, I bumped to this video from Make Up For Ever. They stored a video regarding behind the scene how their brushes are made in Pinterest. And of course, this is also for our knowledge, for those who always wonder how our brushes are made, including me. Check it out! ;)

And herewith the various type of brushes in detail: Make-up For Ever Type of Brushes
Let's learn together!

01 April 2013

Eyeliner's Story

This is my first post about make-up things. Yeah, I'm interested in beauty things these days, and that's why I'd like to write a little story about my make-up tools and the experience. I have a special history with eyeliner. For me, it is tough enough to find which eyeliner that suits onto my little eyes.

As the owner of Asian eyes, eyeliner become a very important thing and must have item. I might able to go out without eye shadow, blush on, etc. But I can't stand without eyebrow pencil and eyeliner! Holy almond eyes!

At the time when I started aware to use make-up and as a newbie, I began to draw with eyeliner pencil. To enable my eyes become used to drawing. But, using pencil is not enough. The color couldn't last for long and therefore it faded to the bottom of my eyes. Could you imagine how mess my look? So I'd like to upgrade the eyeliner to the liquid one. To find the perfect liquid was not an easy task too. I ever tried so many brands, from unknown until the well-known local brand, but I still found that the incorrect liquid will fade or cause to clot. Geez!