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Concentrated in beauty related info such as: FOTD, EOTD, Product Review, Blog/Make-up Challenge, Event Report, and so on.

I also widely open in receiving these kind of invitations:
  • Product Review
  • Event
  • Placing Advertisement

Simply contact me through my e-mail:

For product review, I prefer make-up item to skin care because my skin is a bit sensitive. Though with make-up item, the review will be published faster than skin care that has to wait several days or weeks to see the result.

Benefit for sponsoring product review in my blog:
  • Published on my blog with honest opinion with around 500 visitors per day
  • Shared through my channel on Facebook: profile account with 1,000+ friends and 3 beauty groups community 
  • Shared on my Twitter account 
  • Shared on my Instagram account (product image + blog link)

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