My name is Melissa Olivia and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I created this blog as a channel to pour my passion of writing. I’ve been wandering in blog since 2010 or before with clumsiness and random writings, but later determined to focus in beauty blogging since 2012.

And now in 2016, I add food topic as I also in love about eat, eat, and eat. I always crave for info regarding new food and hottest hangout place in town. If you going through my Instagram posts, you will find that I have posted hundred kinds of food than beauty products. But somehow, I just recently decided to make a post of food and hangout place too.

Why Mel’s Playroom?

When I still in wandering how I want to make a blog, a flash thought came to my mind. I want a simple name that represent who am I and the content. So, in short the meaning of my blog:
  • Mel’s – derived from my first name Melissa and this blog is belong to me.
  • Playroom – just like a children that have a playroom to get their “me time”, my playroom is a room for me just to being myself. Doing the things that I like: blogging about beauty & food related things.

“One cannot think, love, and sleep well if one has not dined well.”
— Virginia Woolf


How do I blog?

Being a blogger means you have to stay updated with the current issue in blogging trend itself, including photography. I’m currently learning about it now so I can provide you with good quality image and representative enough. I realize how terrible my past photos in posts and feeling jerk haha… It may not take quick time, but as the time being, I want my taken photos got some improvements.
As a blogger and newbie photographer, I just could use the tools that I currently have. To taking pictures, now I use better camera from Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. You can see the difference between my recent post and years before that used Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
Since I am an Indonesian citizen, most of my articles were written in Bahasa, but I will try to write more article in English (pardon my grammar before) in the future.

How to contact me?

I do happily received any invitation to visit and review any food or beauty related event or any kind of agreed partnership, as well as endorsement request. Please do send me your business inquiries to: melissa.tjia@gmail.com.
Know me closer on:

“Part of the secret success in life is to eat what you like.”
— Mark Twain


All photo in this blog was taken by and belong to me. If you interested to feature my photos/ articles for commercial purpose, please notify me through e-mail.
And after all, please enjoy your visiting in my humble blog! :-)



  1. Hallo Melissa.. samaan deh kita. aku juga mau masukin soalan random begini ke blog sebelumnya kok malah jadi aneh.. jadinya kubuat blog sendiri khusus yang ga bikin mumet ahihihhi.. XD

    Salam kenal ya :)

    1. Toss dulu.... Makasi Arun sudah mampir.. sering2 bertandang ya! ;)


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